About Egyptian Sun

Nikki Traylor-Knowles acquired an extensive training in tap and jazz before beginning bellydance in 1997 in Albuquerque, NM. That same year, Dori Witt began taking bellydance lessons halfway across the country in St. Louis, MO, after twelve years of tap, jazz, and ballet training. In 2001, when Dori had only been in Baltimore for a week, the two met by chance. They began to realize they shared a passion for bellydance and decided to start a club at Johns Hopkins University, where both were attending school. Thus, Egyptian Sun and a great friendship were born.

ln the beginning, the club was a fairly small but very diverse group of students. Egyptian Sun’s first gigs were at music venues around town providing entertainment between bands, which is what defined their rock image of today. As the group performed more and more in the community, audience members were inspired to learn the art form, and thus Dori and Nikki began accepting non-students into their club. More and more students were drawn to the troupe’s community feel, its push for each dancer to develop a unique style, and its pervasive love of bellydance. Egyptian Sun’s fun, creative style gained them a continuously growing fan base in the Baltimore area.

In 2005, Nikki decided to move to Boston to continue with graduate school, but Dori has been able to keep the Egyptian Sun spirit alive with the help of her wonderfully dedicated students.

Although Egyptian Sun’s dance style is mainly Egyptian cabaret, audience members are drawn to their creative fusion with other dance forms. Egyptian Sun’s members are continuously broadening their dance education through workshops with renowned teachers, in Middle Eastern dance as well as other dance forms.