Following twelve years of experience in tap, jazz, and ballet, Dori fell in love with bellydance in 1997 and the affair hasn’t yet ended. After training and teaching with Sahara Sand Productions in St. Louis, MO, she went on to co-found Egyptian Sun Productions with Nikki Traylor-Knowles at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, in 2001. Dori has taught many well-respected dancers who perform locally and beyond. Dori herself has continued her own education with too many internationally acclaimed instructors to list here. Dori has performed at assorted venues both nationally and internationally in England and Egypt. She’s known for her intricate choreographies and extensive use of props, including: finger cymbals, double sword, fans, gigantic veils, Moroccan tea tray, shamadan (candelabra), wine glasses, and even pie. Dori is an extremely versatile dancer who can make people laugh with the humor of a dance yet also move people to cry with the emotional elements of her dancing. She has performed to the music of Queen and Rage Against the Machine but can also perform sets that make Egyptians feel like they are home again. Whether happy or sad, rockin’ or traditional, Dori’s performances always exhibit her love of the dance.